awesome hair & chill vibes

Lets be real for a second, walking into a traditional hair salon can be intimidating. There’s loud music, people talking over each other.. I wouldn’t call it the most relaxing experience.

Now, imagine a judge-free space where you can come & unwind while getting your hair done. Welcome to Painter & Mane Hair Studio, I am SO glad you found me! I am the sole owner and colorist of this private hair studio. This means you will be with me from start to finish, giving you a more personalized hair experience. Come get your hair done and have some coffee & conversation.. or bring your favorite book to read while your color is processing! I know this is where you will be coming right from work or where you will be spending your day off so choose to relax the way you want!


the GIRL BOSS behind it all

Hey guys, I’m Lisa. My vision to open Painter & Mane was born when I realized that I LOVED the hair industry but I didn’t love the traditional salon atmosphere. As a professional I know how scary it can be walking into a hair salon so I can only imagine what it feels like to be a client walking in one. My goal was to create a space that is welcoming and a place you can feel at home.

I’ve been in the hair industry for almost 10 years. My passion is in hair color, I love bold transformations as well as subtle, natural looks. I also love that I can have such a huge impact on the way a person feels about themselves after they leave my chair.

When I’m not doing hair I’m usually home thinking about hair (I’d like to consider myself a hair nerd) I’m also a real goofball, I love to laugh and I love people who can make me laugh. I’m all about good vibes and positivity and I hope that my clients feel that when they’re in my presence. I want your experience with me to feel like one you have hanging with an old friend.